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Molecular Docking Analysis for the Compounds of Ziziphus jujuba – An Indian Medicinal Plant

Molecular docking plays a major role in drug discovery. Right from the past, docking studies among the particular compound against particular disease served as a pool proof in the medical field to struggle against the many dread full diseases. The compounds identified from many natural resources played a predominant role in treating the human disorders at the earliest. In such a way, Ziziphus jujuba – an Indian medicinal plant was analyzed briefly at the molecular level to find out the active biological compound against the most predominant cause of cancer. Thus, the compounds identified from different solvent extracts were exposed in this present study. Twenty-seven compounds identified from different solvent extracts were docked against Human Cyclin Dependent Kinase II. This study concluded that, among all those different compounds, only three compounds like Stigmast-5-en-3-ol, Campesterol and Eicosanoic acid showed better binding activity against human cyclin dependent kinase II when compared to all other compounds. Thus, the present investigation revealed an understandable knowledge about the compounds present in Ziziphus jujuba for the future research work.

Research Article | Published online : 01-Dec-2021