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Cost and Return Structure of Wheat Crop in Bharatpur Region of Rajasthan

This study is undertaken to work out the costs and returns of wheat crop in Bharatpur region of Rajasthan for different categories of farms according to their irrigation facilities. Study is mainly based on primary data, which are collected through interview method from selected sample respondents having (80 Low, 80 Medium, 80 Highly irrigated farms) for the agricultural year 2016-17. The results indicate that production of wheat is profitable as reflected through its net returns. The perhectare return over total cost are Rs. 19,963.00, 25731.75 and 31716.75 on low irrigated, medium irrigated and highly irrigated farms respectively. It has been found that output input ratio of wheat is marginally higher (1.69) on highly irrigated farms compare to medium irrigated (1.61) and low irrigated farms (1.52) and all farms (1.63) due to proper irrigated facilities and improve the quality of harvest on account of highly irrigated farms. This study is helpful to understand cost and return structure of wheat crop in Bharatpur Rajasthan and other regions with similar condition.

Short communication | Published online : 08-Jan-2021