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Author Guidelines

Presentation of manuscript should have the following components


The title should then followed by the author name and the institution name and address by indicating suitable superscripts. Title page should contain title of the paper in bold face, title case, names of the authors in normal face, upper case (font size 12) followed by the address(es) in normal face lower case. An asterisk (*) must be placed after the corresponding authors name as superscript. It is recommended to provide email id and telephone number of corresponding author.


It should not exceed 200 words. This section should detail the problems, experimental approach, major findings and conclusion in one paragraph. At least 5 keywords must be placed after Abstract which can identify the most important subjects covered in the research


The manuscript should include a brief introduction stating the purpose of the investigation and relating the manuscript to similar previous research and define a scope of work with recent relevant references must be cited.

Materials and Methods

This section must contain specific details about the materials studied, instruments used, specialized chemicals source and related experimental details which allows other research worker to reproduce the results.

Results and Discussion

The results should be concisely presented. Results and discussion may be separate or combined based on the author's requirement. Tables and figures should be designed to maximize the comprehension of the experimental data. The interpreted results should be explained clearly in discussions and should relate them to the existing knowledge in the field as clearly as possible. Tables, Graphs and figures (Illustrations) should be inserted in to the main text at respective place they should appear when published and should have appropriate numbers and titles with an explanatory heading. Labels of the table, graph and figures must be in the text form and should not form part of the image.


Should be typed on separate sheets. They should be numbered in Arabic numerals with title of the table and the place should be indicated in the text.


Figures and photographs should be of good quality with glossy prints with their place in the text.


Should be arranged alphabetically according to authors names and should be placed under the heading ‘LITERATURE CITED’ at the end of the manuscript. Each reference should contain the surname of the author with initials, year and title of paper, title of journal (italics), volume No., Issue and page numbers. Few examples for citation of references are given below:

Research articles

Samar SS, Kumar A. 2020. Co-inoculation potential impact of PSB and Rhizobium on physico-chemical properties of soil and legume crop growth. Res. Jr. of Agril. Sci. 11(1): 01-09.


Tabasum A and Afshan G. 2011. Value addition of fruits and vegetables. 3G Publishers, Awantipora, Kashmir. pp 56.


Yadav HS, Meena G. 2007. Irrigation management in wheat. In: Wheat Breeding and Management. (Eds) Singh P S, Ketty R R and Agnihotri M. CABI, Wellington, U. K. pp 121-139.


Rather SA. 2007. Effect of integrated nutrient management in rice wheat cropping system. Ph. D. Thesis, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, Shalimar Srinagar (India). pp 110.


Write a brief conclusion of your manuscript after the Results and Discussion section.