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Population Dynamics of Hymenia recurvalis Fab., a Serious Pest of Crop Amaranthus Caudatus L. at Rani Chauri in Uttarakhand for One Season under Field Condition

The intent of this paper is to put emphasis on the population dynamics of adult moths and larvae of Hymenia recurvalis Fab. pest of the crop Amaranthus caudatus L. as several attacks of pest Hymenia recurvalis Fab. on the crop damage the plant and incurred huge economic loss to the farmers. Severe attack results in drying up of crop within very short period of time leading to the failure of photosynthetic machinery hence poor yield of grains. Biotic potential is regarded as the qualitative expression of the insect-pest that help to maintain in an environment. The knowledge of insect-pest in their population build-up is very helpful in deciding the extent of damage to the crop. Insect-pest show variable pattern of incidence based upon Agro-climatic conditions. Variable climatic factors play an important role in determining the incidence of the pest. Hence the investigation on Hymenia recurvalis Fab. in particular area provides an idea regarding the spreading of insect-pest and their peak activity period which help in developing the effective management strategies particularly in Uttarakhand state.

Short communication | Published online : 12-Jan-2021