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Qualitative and Quantitative Screening of Phytochemicals in Selected Brown Seaweed (Turbinaria ornata) Collected from Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu, India

Turbinaria ornata is a species of marine brown seaweed and in the family Sargassaceae. They were freshly collected from Mandapam Coastal Area, Tamil Nadu, India and rinsed in seawater and packed in aseptic bags for further proceedings to laboratory. Seaweeds are potential renewable resources in the marine environment. It has been used as antioxidant and antimutagen. Hence, the present study was carried out to exhibit the preliminary phytochemical screening and invitro antioxidant properties of various extracts of Turbinaria Ornata. Methanol, ethanol, and water extracts were prepared for further analysis. Out of three extracts, ethanolic extract showed the maximum phytoconstituents. The results of the present study revealed the presence of tannin, saponin, flavonoids, steroids, terpenoids, alkaloids, phenols, anthroquinone, glycosides and coumarins. Our study also demonstrated the good invitro antioxidant efficacy of ethanolic extract of Turbinaria ornata. Therefore, we concluded that Turbinaria ornata may be used as a rich source of phytoconstituents and natural antioxidants.

Research Article | Published online : 25-May-2021