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A Study on Butterfly Diversity of Lower-Doigrung (Bijuli) Reserve Forest of Golaghat, Assam, India

Butterflies are very subtle and charming creature in the world which is considered as pollution indicator and natural pollinator. The present study aims to elucidate the richness and diversity of butterflies from Lower-Doigrung (Bijuli) reserve forest of Golaghat, Assam. A total of 60 species of butterflies belonging to five families were recorded during the study, of which, 5 species were found to be included in the rare category. The family Nymphalidae was found to be most dominant with 26 number of species followed by Lycaenidae (13 species), Papilionidae (9 species), Pieridae and Hesperiidae with 6 species each. The results of the current study will help in implementing proper conservation strategies of butterfly diversity in the protected area.

Research Article | Published online : 22-Sep-2021