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Regional Variations of Food Security in Himachal Pradesh

The word food security is recurrently used in the past few years as the government is putting more stress on ensuring food security. Despite remarkable progress in economy, India still faces extensive hunger and poverty. Hence, improving food security of the population is an issue of immense significance as it is vital for the upholding of human well-being. The present study is an endeavor to investigate food security status at district level in Himachal Pradesh. The study is entirely based on secondary information. Food security is analyzed through three key dimensions of food availability, food accessibility and food utilization. Selected indicators under each dimension have been analyzed by using variable index. In addition, food security index has been calculated at district level by using Composite Index given by UNDP. The findings revealed that the districts like Shimla, Mandi and Kangra are more food secure due to better performance in the selected indicators while the districts located in the eastern and the northern part has registered low food security.

Research Article | Published online : 23-Sep-2021