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Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Enhanced by Different Agroforestry Systems on Farmer’s Field in Narwar Block of Shivpuri District

A field survey was conducted during 2018-2020 in Narwar Block of Shivpuri district Madhya Pradesh to know the agroforestry practices adopted by the farmers trees species exists on the farmer’s field. The vertical distribution of SOC, considered to be a key component of carbon cycle, is still poorly understood in semi-arid region. The aim of this research was to determine SOC sequestration at four soil depth under agroforestry system and cropland. The samples were taken from 0-15, 15-30, 30-60, 60-90 cm soil depth. The top 0-15 cm soil layer in homegarden system registered the highest SOC (0.81%), followed by Block plantation system (0.78%) and lowest value was recorded under agrihorticultural (0.14%) SOC. In sub-surface layer (60-90 cm). In general, estimated SOC stock was observed to be higher in the topsoil (0-15 cm) compared to lower depths in various land use types. It is the found that the agroforestry has potential to improve soil organic carbon and it can play a role in mitigation of climate change.

Research Article | Published online : 13-Oct-2021