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An Analysis of Farm Productivity and Fertilizer Consumption in Bharatpur Region of Rajasthan

The present study was conducted to analysis the farm productivity and fertilizer consumption of major crops in Bharatpur region of Rajasthan under three level of irrigation. Study was mainly based on primary data, which were collected through Interview method from selected sample respondents having (80 low irrigated, 80 medium irrigated and 80 highly irrigated farms) for the agriculture year 2016-2017. The overall result revealed that the per hectare yield of major crops like wheat, mustard in Rabi season was highest (3975 kg and 1750 kg) respectively on highly irrigated farms. As well as per hectare yield of major kharif crop i.e., Bajra and Jowar fodder was also highest (2260 kg and 39030 kg) respectively on highly integrated farms. Further the role of fertilizer is very important in the application of modern techniques of agriculture, enhancing soil fertility, cropping intensity productivity and commercial cropping patterns and Systems. Further the study indicated that the maximum quantity (same as recommended dose) of NPK was applied to highly irrigated farms in comparison to other categories of farms. Hence positive relation have seen between agricultural productivity, farm modernization and fertilizer consumption with the proper and adequate irrigation system.

Research Article | Published online : 01-Dec-2021