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Current Advancements in Phytochemicals, Pharmacological, and In Vitro Approaches for Micropropagation of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L.

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L., an ethnomedicinal plant of extraordinary rank is reaching more acknowledgement in today’s world for its immense, unmeasurable ornamental and medicinal abilities. As an ornamental plant, Nyctanthes has been planted in gardens for its orange white flowers which blooms in night giving an aromatic surrounding. Medicinally, it has been employed since decades in herbal system of medicine by various practitioner for its therapeutic properties. In today’s world, Nyctanthes, has been recognized by several pharma companies as a highly efficient drug yielding plant A number of active medicinal compounds are found in it which are utilized for the preparation of medicines. Due to unavoidable overexploitation of this medicinal species, a serious threat to its existence in nature is noticed. Therefore, efforts for its replenishment in nature are being done since long for its conservation and mass propagation especially by employing biotechnological tools. This review provides an inclusive description on the various plant tissue culture practices used for micropropagation of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis and also throws light on its pharmacological importance. It also discusses the unmapped areas that remained untouched which can be done in a scientific way so that sustainable utilization of the medicinal properties of plant could be made.

Research Review | Published online : 16-Aug-2022