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Evaluation of Germination Attributes, Metal Tolerance Index and Phytotoxicity Index in Green Gram Cultivars [Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek] under Arsenic Toxicity

Arsenic is a heavy metal that causes severe damage to the crop plants. It has effects on different growth parameters including germination attribute of seedlings. Mung bean is one of the most important crops in the country. Due to heavy metal toxicity in field, the crop reduces its production potential to great extent. An experiment was conducted in the laboratory of Department of Plant Physiology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University using petri plates and germination papers with two green gram genotypes HUM1 and HUM16 during February 2020. The Mung bean varieties were subjected to six different arsenic treatments (0µM, 0.5µM, 1µM, 5µM, 10µM and 20µM). Germination attributes were observed at 3rd and 7th day after germination. There was significant difference in germination attributes like percent germination, radical and plumule length, seedling vigour index, metal tolerance index, phytotoxicity index observed in relation to the different treatments. Gradual changes in germination attributes in relation to arsenic stress were observed for both HUM-1 and HUM-16. However, there was no significant difference observed between the two genotypes in relation to the arsenic treatments in some parameters.

Research Article | Published online : 17-Aug-2022