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Potentiality of Musa acuminata in Curing Cancer

Since ancient times, bananas have been one of the most popular foods all across the globe. Bananas are a fantastic source of energy since they include a wide range of nutrients, including carbs, vitamins, protein, fiber, and iron. As a result, it plays a significant role in ensuring proper metabolism, cancer avoidance, immune system resilience, and healthy digestive feature. The Najalipoovan, Poovan, Etha, Palenkodan, Robesta, Chemkadali, Pachakadhali, Sundari, and Kannan are the banana cultivars that this article reviews in terms of their nutritional makeup and ability to combat cancer. This review highlights the anticancer property of Musa acuminata against human breast cancer, bone cancer and colon cancer. The natural compounds can be used for cancer treatment and for reducing the chemotherapeutic compounds causing side effects. The current application of the Musa acuminata product is potentially used in food and pharmaceutical industries and needs further studies.

Case Study | Published online : 25-Jan-2023