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Cytotoxicity and DNA Fragmentation Analysis of Punica granatum L. Peels Ethanolic (PPE) Extract against Human Gastric Cancer Cell Line (HGT-1)

Medicinal plants are considered a generous origin of antimicrobial compounds. Punica granatum commonly known as Punica granatum has developed as a medicinal plant with a possibility of anticancer activity. Un this present study investigated that the cytotoxicity and DNA fragmentation analysis of ethanolic extracts of Punica granatum peel using standard protocols. The strong FRAP (32.5 µM) and DPPH (28.6%) radical scavenging activity was noted in the 300µg/ml concentration of sample. The minimum cell viability (27.29%) and maximum cell inhibition were observed in the 500μg/ml concentration of the PPE extract. The inhibitory activity for the antiangiogenic effect of PPE extract with 65.50 ± 3.5% inhibitions was observed. The DNA fragmentation assay was performed for the confirming of cell death. The present study concluded that the Punica granatum peel ethanolic extract was observed the fragmentation of DNA and thus induces significant apoptotic activity.

Research Article | Published online : 17-Nov-2023