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Effect of Organic Media on Growth and Rooting Performance of Medicinal Plants

Growth and rooting performance of medicinal plants with different organic growing media was carried out in factorial completely randomized design (FCRD) with five treatments and three replications. The growing media includes vermicompost, red soil, cocopeat, sand and sawdust. The medicinal plants like Medicinal Coleus and Kesavardhini plants cuttings were used in this experiment. The experiment revealed that the cuttings of Medicinal Coleus and Kesavardhini plants planted under vermicompost media showed best result in respect of vegetative and root characters like days taken for sprouting (9.23 and 7.95), number of shoots (9.84 and 5.62), shoot length (21.21 cm and 21.36 cm), number of leaves (90.21 and 28.34), leaf length (4.67 cm and 4.84 cm), leaf breadth (2.63 cm and 3.16 cm), root length (17.95 cm and 33.25 cm), number of roots (7.52 and 8.81) and chlorophyll content (26.24 mg/m2 and 33.25 mg/m2) respectively. The experiment concluded that the medicinal plants like Medicinal Coleus and Kesavardhini cuttings planted in vermicompost media give quality plants for commercial multiplication.

Research Article | Published online : 04-Dec-2023