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Adoption Level of Farmers on Pulpwood Tree Cultivation Practices

Paper and pulp industry is one of the key industrial sectors that contribute to the Indian economy. To utilize the degraded land and to ensure high returns of farmers, cultivation of pulpwood becomes essential. But to ensure quality of pulpwood, adoption of recommended cultivation practices becomes important. In this regard, the study was carried out to assess the adoption level of pulpwood tree cultivation practices among the farmers of Puduikottai and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu. A sample of 200 pulpwood tree growers were selected from the selected two districts. Each respondent was personally interviewed and the collected data was statistically analyzed. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the eucalyptus growers belonged to high level of adoption of eucalyptus cultivation practices. Regarding practice wise adoption, low level of adoption was found in mechanical and manual weeding (49.00 per cent). Regarding casuarina cultivation, majority of the respondents (55.00 per cent) had medium level of adoption of recommended practices. The results on practice wise adoption revealed that low level of adoption was found in the practices namely application of manures and bio-fertilizers (43.00 per cent), border planting (31.00 per cent) and mechanical and manual weeding (49.00 per cent).

Research Article | Published online : 05-Dec-2023