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An Investive Study on Water Quality Parameters of Lakhanvaram Lake Water and its Suitability for Drinking

Lakes throughout the globe have been gravely altered or degraded at a pace much more significant than their restoration. Water quality safety is crucial in maintaining lakes' ecosystem service functions. The current study focuses on determining physicochemical parameters such as temperature, pH, EC, hardness, chlorides, alkalinity, DO, BOD, COD, phosphate, and sulphate in water samples from Lakhanvaram Lake over one year to analyse variations. To better understand the water quality changes in Lakhanvaram Lake and to identify the driving factors of water quality changes over time, this study evaluated and presented the water quality of Lakhanvaram Lake using 10 parameters. The results showed that trophic level index (TLI), trophic state index (TSI), and eutrophication index (EI) have to be evaluated to quantify the risk of eutrophication. These indices showed that the lake water was hyper-eutrophic in summer, with TLI, TSI, and EI values of 60.1, 63.0, and 66.6, respectively. This study revealed that controlling agriculture drainage is crucial for lake water quality management. The study generated critical data for managing water quality plans to control the risk.

Research Article | Published online : 04-Jul-2024