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Volume - 3 - July-August 2012

Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Vol : 3 - Issue : 4 ; 867-869
D Nayak and P Mahapatra
Department of Horticulture, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar - 751 003, Orissa, India
Present study was conducted during kharif 2008 at the site allocated for Network Project on Bio-fertilizers in Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology with the sole purpose of studying the effect of bio-fertilizers, inorganic fertilizer levels and amendment on growth and yield of spinegourd. Results revealed that application of different levels of inorganic fertilizer recommended dose (70:40:60 kg/ha) in combination with bio-fertilizers (azotobacter + azospirillum + phosphate solubulizing bacteria + arbuscular mycorrhiza @ 6 kg/ha before transplanting) and amendment (lime @ 20% LR i e 1 t/ha applied to the soil) increased the vine length, number of branches per plant, vine girth, number of leaves per plant, leaf area, yield and yield attributing components. The highest yield of 53.43 q/ha was also recorded in the same treatment.

Research Article | Published online : 10-Apr-2012

Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Vol : 3 - Issue : 4 ; 880-882
M B Pohare, P P Suryawanshi and H P Rathod
Department of Plant Biotechnology, Lokmangal College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Wadala, Solapur - 413 222, Maharashtra, India
In the present investigation, shoot tips of banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis L.) were cultured on modified MS medium blended with BAP for shoot initiation. Then the initiated shoots were transferred to ficus multiplication medium for multiple shoot development and further transferred to ficus rooting medium supplemented with IBA for rooting. The success of rooting was 100%, while only 90% of the plantlets thus obtained were established in soil.

Research Article | Published online : 12-Apr-2012