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Volume - 3 - July-August 2012

Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Vol : 3 - Issue : 4 ; 880-882
M B Pohare, P P Suryawanshi and H P Rathod
Department of Plant Biotechnology, Lokmangal College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Wadala, Solapur - 413 222, Maharashtra, India
In the present investigation, shoot tips of banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis L.) were cultured on modified MS medium blended with BAP for shoot initiation. Then the initiated shoots were transferred to ficus multiplication medium for multiple shoot development and further transferred to ficus rooting medium supplemented with IBA for rooting. The success of rooting was 100%, while only 90% of the plantlets thus obtained were established in soil.

Research Article | Published online : 12-Apr-2012