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Cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis and Nostochopsis for the Enhancement of Proximate Analysis of Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822)

In the present investigation, H. pluvialis and Nostochopsis were grown in the bold basal medium in controlled air-conditioned culture room. Catla catla fish weighing 40 g were randomly distributed in 2 rectangular of 20 L capacity at a density of 6 fish per tank. Tank 1 fish were given normal feed, tank 2 fish were given H. pluvialis and Nostochopsis biomass (100 mg/kg b.w.). After 24 h gut evacuation period, all fish were anaesthetized and weighed. Out of six, three samples were randomly collected and stored at -20°C, until proximate analysis and lipid extraction. In normal feed treated Catla catla group, lipid content was found as 82.2±1.3, in H. pluvialis and Nostochopsis biomass-based feed group, lipid content was observed as 177.6±2.1 However, protein and ash content were reported as 133.6±1.2 and 14.4±2.1 in H. pluvialis and Nostochopsis biomass-based feed group. The present study reveals that H. pluvialis and Nostochopsis biomass can be used for the different aquatic feed formulations.

Research Article | Published online : 08-Jun-2021