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Field Scale Demonstration of Novel and Economical Greywater Treatment System

Grey water accounts for about 75% of the total household wastewater and is reusable if treated properly for activities like gardening, toilet flush, irrigation, car wash etc. and helps in saving 50-60% the total water we consume. This paper describes demonstration of novel and economical system capable of treating greywater and making it suitable for the above-mentioned purposes. The system has been designed by integrated scientific approach and successfully tested in the laboratory. Further a pilot plant for treatment of 400 L/day capacity has been installed for treating greywater generated at a hostel campus as a ‘Lab to Land’ model. The system consists a of 3 stage process comprising of bacterial treatment followed by filtration and disinfection at the end. Consortium of bacteria was used for treatment of waste water and resulted in complete removal of BOD and TSS levels to the extent by 90-95% and 75% respectively. The finally treated greywater was used for gardening purpose. The overall system helped in saving 50% of water consumed in the kitchen (approximately 400 L/day) and demonstrated a sustainable example of effective waste management and optimizing resource utilization.

Research Article | Published online : 22-Sep-2021